Tuesday, September 14, 2010



Dear Brethren,
I am grateful for this opportunity to let you know what’s going on in the Lord’s work here in Metro Manila, Cavite, Laguna, Batangas , Quezon and Rizal.(Places where I am involved now).
In Metro Manila, I continue to be involved with my home congregation which is the Metro South Church of Christ in Makati/Pasay City. (I serve in the evangelism committee).I still meet with fellow leaders of the churches in Metro Manila, once a month and have door knocking and a meeting afterwards. We talk about common programs/plans like; Youth Camp, National Evangelism Workshop /Seminar, inter-congregational worship and fellowship, and even our work inside the Bureau of Corrections. I also still assist and visit congregations whenever they have problems. I spoke on Sundays when I am invited. (I always work with the established leadership of congregations).
In Cavite, I am directing the Church Planting Institute, (CPI), located in the city of Dasmarinas. This is now our 4th year of operation. We have 9 students. School supports 6. There are 7 teachers, who are volunteers except for one. We are sending our students to four (4) congregations that don’t have preachers. (One is a newly planted congregation).I am now attending services at Salawag cong. almost every other Sunday, since the full-time preacher left.
In Laguna, I am involved with a newly planted church in Parian, Calamba. This is the result of a relief operation we did to flood victims last December 2009. There are now around 30 adult members. One of our students serve as the preacher. We are in the process of acquiring a lot where a church’s building. And another work now is being started in Calauan, Laguna. We have visited the place many times, befriended the people and did a rice and tracts distribution recently. There is an opportunity for the church to own a lot for the building.
In Batangas, together with co-teachers, I still go to Phil. International Bible Institute (Director is Charles Smith), to teach every Friday. During the day, we visit churches/members around. Seven students are on fieldwork. (We have 6 new students).They are assigned to congregations in Batangas City, Bauan, Rosario, San Juan, Ibaan, Lipa, and soon in Tanauan (this October). Bauan cong. is newly planted. And Tanauan will soon have one too.
In Quezon Province, we started to send students when we’re requested. There was one baptized lady who wants to worship in her home. Three more were baptized since then. This October 5-6, a medical mission is scheduled for us to have more prospects in the city. Church there is struggling. 2-3 students go there every Sunday afternoon.
In Rizal,I am beginning to be involved. A brother who was an inmate at the Bureau of Corrections, now live in the area. Just last week, he invited me to visit. I met the owner of a large land and he propose that we can own a portion for a church lot. In fact there is already an unfinished building that we can continue and use it for a meeting place.
These are my involvement in the Lord’s work I this part of the globe at present. I expect more opportunities of planting churches in places where there is none. I pray the Lord will continue to use me. And I pray the brethren will continue to pray for us and continue to support our mission.

May God bless us all as we labor in His vine yard.

In His service,

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1200 Makati City

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


May, 2010

Dear Brethren,

Hello. Just want to share with you once more the good things the Lord has been doing for His work.
The National Youth Camp hosted by the Cavite churches on April 6-9, is over. There were around 400 campers. (Problem is almost all are from the northern part of the country. It’s supposed to be nationwide.).The GOOD NEWS is that there were twenty-six (6) baptisms.

Day before the first day of the camp, was our graduation at the Phil.Int’l. Bible Institute, (PIBI-B). Eight (8) completed an associate degree in Bible. At Church Planting Institute,(C.P.I.), we chose not to have any ceremony for our one finisher. We want him to plant a church somewhere before we reward him.

It’s summer time in the Phils.which means, hot hot hot weather. I heard of people having heat stroke.(One is a known preacher). It’s also vacation time for students and even for our students. And so it is a good time for our team, (teachers and students) to do evangelism missions. We have been active in evangelism missions and I want to share with you these missions. Our latest church planting missions are in;

GENERAL TRIAS, CAVITE. This is the next town to Dasmarinas, Cavite , (where C.P.I. is located).Work here was started almost a year ago. Cavite preachers take turns in preaching every Sunday. But evangelism and Sunday worship are lead by C.P.I. students. Students spend week end preaching there and now two are there for fieldwork. Last May 1, five (5) were immersed by Lloyd Pagarao and Rey Bangawan. The school provides their fare/allowances as they go to this place. A chapel is being built there now. Some members are very poor though. VBS is scheduled there this week with the leadership of C.P.I. field workers.

PARIAN, CALAMBA, LAGUNA. This is the province also south of Manila . One of our students, Jonathan Faldas, transferred here and started worshipping in his home. Last December of 2009, we did some relief missions there, (they were affected by a flood).As a result more prospects were contacted and followed up by Jonathan and some of our students/teachers from CPI and PIBI-B. Since then thirteen (13) were baptized. Two more are scheduled.

SAN ROQUE,BAUAN, BATANGAS. This is the next province from Laguna, south of Manila . PIBI-B is in this province. Last January, we had a medical mission there with the help Dr.Sam Cariaga and Salvador Cariaga. Prospects were contacted and followed up later by PIBI-B students and teacher, Moises Gonzales. A couple was baptized there last April 10 (Pls.see pictures). More are having Bible studies. VBS is going on there now with the leadership of PIBI-B field workers.

LUCENA CITY, QUEZON. This is the third province southwest of Manila . We have started sending a student there two months ago. This is a response to bro. Jun Arcilla’s request to assist his aunt in that city who was baptized by him earlier. Lately, our team (teachers/students) was there. We visited and had devotional at sis. Sally’s house. We made plans with her how we can improve the work.(We go back there to visit an area where sis. Sally used to visit when she was an active catholic volunteer. On the same visit, we also had a devotional at a prospects house in the next town of Sariaya , Quezon.

NAIC, CAVITE . Is a coastal town south of Dasmarinas, Cavite . Our C.P.I. student, Nick Gomez, decided to spend fieldwork with Gerry Superiano of Tanza, Cavite . It was agreed though that their evangelism work will also cover Naic, the next town from Tanza, going south. Just last week, a family was visited in the area. Same family requested that the church be planted in the center of the town. We pray, the Lord will find a way.


In His serice,